Orkney Cheese Rumour

by | Jul 31, 2020 | News | 0 comments

The Orkney Cheese Rumour is not true

Buttered Oatcake on a plate ready for some Orkney Cheese
Stockan’s Oatcakes and Orkney Cheddar Photo: Robert Leslie

The rumour propagated by various groups that SNP have requested a boycott of Orkney Cheese is completely untrue.  We love cheese, especially Orkney smoked and unsmoked cheddar.   It is a credit to the county as one of the signature Orkney brands enjoyed all over the world.

Showing its EU protected brand label Photo: Robert Leslie

It is somewhat ironic, therefore, that Orkney Cheese will probably lose it’s protected brand status as Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar when Boris’s government drags us out of Europe with a no-deal Brexit.


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