Boris Johnson in Orkney

A welcome for Boris Johnson in Orkney

Boris Johnson in Orkney, is it safe?

A sign pointing to Twatt
Helpful protestors indicating which way he went.

Boris Johnson probably thought a visit to Orkney a safe option. We have an entrenched unionist MP and a 2 to 1 No vote in the 2014 referendum, but times have changed since then. The plan was to visit the Orkney Cheese factory in Hatston and Orkney Fishermen’s Society as well as the new ICIT, Robert Rendall building. These would all have big fridges and probably back doors if needed. As I said, it is a safe option.

Quick let’s get this organised.

Sign saying "Not enaough Space to list your wrong-doings"
Sometimes you just have to admit defeat!

We got wind that Boris was going to visit Orkney a couple of days before. Suddenly social media was alive with plans to mount a protest. By one means or another, we learned when and how he was arriving, where he was visiting and when he was leaving. Knowing the local geography we worked out the pinch points and arranged to meet there.

Being so remote PMs don’t usually honour us with a visit. So why, when it finally happened, did we have to get Boris Johnson in Orkney? Orkney welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Many people after a visit fall in love with the place and move here to live and work. They are all welcome whatever their race, religion or colour. But Boris???

The evening before and well into the night the plans evolved. More and more people joined in. This was essentially a Yes Orkney event but people were coming from SNP, Black Lives Matter and others who are fed up with Boris’s performance as Prime Minister. He has to be the most hated Prime Minister of all time. Even some from his own party are rebelling against him on many matters. Unfortunately, though, not enough to get rid of him!

The first roundabout.

Flag waving protestors at Ayre Mills roundabout in Kirkwall
Getting ready to give Boris the welcome he deserves

The day dawned wet and misty though with only a little wind. We turned up early and there were people already gathering and were well spread out and all wearing masks. During the next wee while more arrived until about 60 or 70 distributed themselves around the grassy areas surrounding the Ayre Mills roundabout and along the road to the cheese factory, Boris’s first call.

So, we waited. He should be here by now. Police vehicles arrived, looked around and left. Had he taken a different route? Was he just late? Cars cheerfully tooting as they passed lifted our spirits as the rain tried to dampen them. Then the normal traffic cleared a bit. A groundswell of boos and jeers grew as a Jaguar and 2 black Range Rovers with heavily tinted windows race through the roundabout and shot up Hatston Brae.

This wasn’t what we were expecting. They should have gone along Grainshore Road to the cheese factory. Not to worry, the next chance was Stromness. So, we packed up our flags and the giant “Yes” covered in signatures of supporters including our own Nicola and headed over to Stromness.

The second roundabout

Protestor holding a sign "Peedie bit panicky? 54%"
Yes Orkney Banner at Stromness Roundabout

The rain had stopped when we reached Stromness. There was already a cheerful crowd of protestors around the roundabout near the primary school. Again they were socially distanced and masked. And again, we waited. He was still up at the Robert Rendal centre, the converted old primary school, And, they were running late. We waited, again. An official car drove through. We couldn’t see inside but we gave it a good boo anyway. Turned out it was just one of the support vehicles making sure we weren’t too scary.

Eventually, the police car came down and waited so we knew it was about to happen. Sure enough the little motorcade of tinted glass cars came sweeping through in a few seconds. Best make sure our elected(!) leader doesn’t have any contact with the plebs. We booed lustily anyway and it felt good.

Finstown and the burger van

Flag holders gather round Leigh's burger van
Leigh’s Burger Van in the Finstown Car Park

We knew they had little option but to come through Finstown on their way back to the airport. So, our last stand was the car park in Finstown. This also had the advantage of Leigh’s burger van which serves local produce.

While we waited there was time for a quick TV interview of Robert Leslie. He explained exactly why we were protesting against Boris who is little better than Trump in his manner.

Finally we got to boo again as the clown’s calvacade swept through and we were done.

Protestors waiting for the motorcade in Finstown
Last chance in Finstown to make our feeelings felt.

What did we learn?

  • Boris hates and is terrified of the people he is supposed to lead. He will do anything to avoid contact with them.
  • A protest is a great way to lift the spirits, even in the rain.
  • You can get a good burger in the Finstown car park.
  • Orkney is more prepared for an independent Scotland than ever before.
  • Rapid toot-toot-tooting of a car horn means approval, there were many of these. Holding your hand on the horn while extending the middle digit of the other hand doesn’t, only one of these.
  • Would I do it again? Yes, as often as it takes.

Orkney News has a more detailed analysis of Boris’s Visit.

Mike RobertsonMike Robertson

Author: Mike Robertson

The Secretary, Treasurer and Organiser of Orkney SNP, and the webmaster for this site, Mike is a retired software engineer and company director. When not working towards an independent Scotland Mike enjoys photography, woodworking and cooking, but not all at the same time.

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4 thoughts on “Boris Johnson in Orkney

  1. Well done to everyone who took part . Needless to say it wasn’t reported extensively on the media !

  2. William Wallace died for Scotland’s freedom, and Robert the Bruce sent the English homeward, so I think it is about time the Scottish folk woke up, it is definitely time for Freedom from the English, especially Boris and his government.Nicola Sturgeon, has made a better job of trying to keep us safe, from the Pandemic than Boris and even he must know that this is true, although he would not admit it.I believe it is time we sent the English Homeward.

  3. I heard a goo story about when the motorcade was coming down the hill into Finstown on the way back to Kirkwall the cars suddenly came to a halt. Alarm and despondency among the minders, were they about to be mobbed? No it was just Finstown’s poultry population crossing the road!

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