Setting Up for Online Meetings


You need to install the Zoom application in order to take part in an online meeting.

The meeting URL is often the best way to do this but it isn’t always clear what you need to do.

Meeting URL

This is typically something like  If you have already installed the application you will join the meeting otherwise you will get instructions to download and install the application.

If this doesn’t work properly, see below for how to set it up manually on each device.


Go to  Click the download button for “Zoom Client for Meetings”.   Run the downloaded file to install the application.


Open the Play Store then search for and install Zoom Cloud Meetings.


Open the App Store then search for and install Zoom Cloud Meetings.

Ordinary Phone

If you don’t have a smart device you can join a meeting for audio-only using an ordinary phone. The meeting notice will include the phone numbers you can use to do this.

Creating an Account

As part of the installation process, you may be asked to create an account.  If you just want to join meetings run by other people this isn’t necessary and you can skip it. 

If you want to host your own meetings you will need to create an account.  This can be handy to arrange group discussions with family and friends.