Robert Leslie

I back a fairer, more equal Scotland for all as we build a greener and more sustainable future for this country

Robert Leslie, Orcadian born and bred.

Having been born and brought up in Orkney, I am honoured to be the SNP’s candidate to become the voice for these islands in the Scottish Parliament.

But birthplace doesn’t give anyone a right to represent a place and its people.

I want folk to vote for me because I back a fairer, more equal Scotland for all as we build a greener and more sustainable future for this country. I believe Orkney can thrive as part of an independent, internationalist Scotland. Independence really is normal.

Robert Leslie, Family Man

I live in Kirkwall with my wife, Kara, our three daughters, Ria, Isla and Ruby; two cats, Ginger and Poppy; and a Border Collie, Gaia.


In what I guess is my second career, I am now manager of local charity THAW Orkney, focused on helping folk throughout the islands achieve affordable warmth, while still working one day a week as energy officer at Orkney Housing Association Ltd, having joined them in 2010.

My first career started in 1993, as a junior reporter and later news editor at The Orcadian. I was chief reporter and sports editor at Orkney Today from 2003 to 2010, punctuated by a spell at the Press & Journal in Moray.

Political Career

From mid-2012 to 18 September 2014 I made the case passionately for a Yes vote and learned much about political campaigning during two hectic but stimulating years.

Helping coordinate and communicate in Orkney during the 2015 General Election for the late Danus Skene, and in 2017 for Miriam Brett, as well as helping campaign in these and the 2016 Holyrood election for Donna Heddle, gave me a further taste for party politics.

Working first for Highlands and Islands MSP Mike Mackenzie and then Maree Todd has demonstrated the time and effort required to be an effective parliamentarian. Maree’s balancing of ministerial and constituency commitments has been a real eye-opener. 

Robert Leslie, Candidate

When the opportunity arose to be SNP candidate for Orkney & Shetland in the December 2019 General Election I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was overwhelmed by the growth in the SNP vote, slashing Alistair Carmichael’s majority.

The SNP is the only party of which I have been a member, because its policies best fit my aim of making Orkney that fairer, greener and more equal place in which to live and work.


If elected I will:

  • Make Orkney’s energy work for Orkney’s people
  • Create a more sustainable Orkney for this and future generations
  • Ensure local issues are resolved at a local level

It’s time to give Orkney a new voice at Holyrood as we work to address the damaging inequalities of an increasingly disunited kingdom.

It’s time to put Orkney’s people at the heart of our efforts to rebuild post-pandemic.

How to Help

Join the SNP. Join the Orkney branch to show we are serious about rebuilding a better way of life.
Donate whatever you can afford to help secure Robert’s place in Holyrood.