Robert Leslie for Orkney MSP

Robert Leslie Poster with flags

Robert Leslie, your SNP candidate for Orkney says.

“Because Orkney has been a maritime crossroads for centuries, we are an outward looking and welcoming community.

“For that same reason, we are proud to be pro-European and had a strong Remain vote in 2016. But now we find ourselves with an MSP whose party has given up on the idea of campaigning to rejoin the EU, leaving us open to the damage of Westminster’s disastrous Brexit deal.

“We need an MSP who will stand up for our European values and for Scotland to build a positive relationship with the EU, which has funded so many projects across our islands.

“This year’s Scottish Parliament election is an opportunity to deliver that by electing me as Orkney’s MSP.

“Orkney is no longer a Lib Dem stronghold. The Lib Dems have lost their way and are on the wrong side of democracy now that there is a consistent majority in Scotland for independence. Joining their former Tory partners in blocking a fresh referendum is unsustainable.

“Together, we can win in Orkney. Scotland has a better future ahead. It’s time to take our place in Europe and on the world stage as an independent nation.

“Orkney will benefit from Scotland’s independence, and I want to help create a fairer, greener and more sustainable future for all as we rebuild the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is an economy that needs to put wellbeing at its heart, and put people and the planet before profit. Orkney’s role at the cutting edge of renewable energy can make us leaders in this.

“Let’s win Orkney for the SNP and get on with building the better nation we deserve to live in.”

Robert Leslie
SNP Candidate for Orkney

Promoted by Mike Robertson, Soligeo, Deerness, Orkney, KW17 2QQ on behalf of Robert Leslie, 2 Lynnside, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1SR.