Online Meetings


We use an application called Zoom for our online meetings.  This allows us to have a 100 participants or more at each meeting.  Each participant can take part in the meeting from their smartphone, tablet, computer or, if they don’t have any of those and ordinary phone can be used.  They can participate fully in discussions from wherever they happen to be.

Meeting Announcements

Meetings are announced through our website, social media or email and possibly all of these.  The announcement will include a Meeting ID which you will use to join the meeting.   It will also include a URL which will help you install the meting software the first time you use it.

Joining a Meeting

Once you have installed the app you will use that to join meetings.   You just need the Meeting ID and password to select the meeting you want to join.

During the Meeting

Unless it’s a very large meeting you will be able to see and hear everybody taking part. 

If it is a larger meeting it will be run formally with a chair managing the proceedings.   There is a feature to raise your hand if you want to speak.


You can send text messages to individuals or everyone.  This would be used to ask questions without interrupting a presentation.


To avoid problems with background noise please mute your microphone when you are not speaking.  If you’re using a PC you can hold down the spacebar to unmute your microphone while you speak.  Other devices, tap the screen to show controls including the microphone.

At the End of a Meeting

You can leave a meeting at any time.   You will find a Leave Meeting option on the screen.  You may have to hover your mouse or tap the screen to see it.

The meeting will generally have been recorded.  This will be used to prepare the minutes of the meeting and then deleted.