New Member’s Welcome

We’re always pleased to welcome new members to the Orkney Branch. Whether you’re new to the SNP or have moved here from another branch we’re delighted you’ve decided to join us.

Branch Meetings

Once a month we have a branch meeting. In these pandemic times these meetings are on Zoom but outside that we usually meet in a convenient room in Kirkwall.

You’ll be notified about a week before each meeting. We really hope you’ll manage to come along.

Office Bearers

The main office bearers are;

  • Convenor – Sean Lewis
  • Vice-convenor – Helen Armet
  • Secretary – Mike Robertson (that’s me!)
  • Treasurer – Mike Robertson (me again!)
  • Organiser – Mike Robertson (and again!)
  • Minute Secretary – Catriona Robertson (guess whose wife she is!)
  • Press Officer – Robert Leslie (he’s also our candidate for the 2021 Holyrood election)
  • Political Education Officer – Donna Heddle (she was convenor and Holyrood candidate for many years.)

Can you help

We can always use some more activists to spread the word.

Perhaps like most of our members you prefer to help financially rather than pounding the streets. That’s OK. 25% of your subscription comes back to the local branch so just being a member is already a great help. And, if you can encourage others to join it will help even more.


We try to keep this website up to date. As well as public information there is also a section for SNP Members only. You must register to access that.

Getting in Touch

As I mentioned above, I’m the secretary and my name is Mike Robertson. If there’s anything you need to know about you can always reach me by email,