Join the SNP

Joining the SNP is the best way to help Scotland become an independent nation with a progressive wellbeing economy within Europe.

Your subscription is shared between HQ and the branch allowing us to mount effective campaigns targetted at local needs. Subject to a minimum of £1 a month you can choose how much you pay.

Apply Via the HQ Website

Click the button below to join via the main SNP website. This is the best way to join since it saves paper and reduces the administrative overhead.

Apply in Writing

If you prefer to apply in writing you can download the application form below and post it to HQ. The details are on the form.

How to Pay

You can pay by Credit/Debit Card, Cheque, or Direct Debit.

What Happens Next?

HQ notifies the local branch of new members as soon as they join. You will start to receive information about local meetings and events soon after.