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SNP Islands Manifesto 2021

Not all communities are the same. What works in urban Scotland
may not be fit for our rural or island communities and vice versa.
In the last parliament, the SNP delivered the Islands Act, giving
specific legal rights to Scotland’s islands to ensure that government
works with and for our island communities.

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Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood
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Deconstructing the Union

This half-hour video gives a detailed and interesting account of he Union between Scotland and England.

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Question and Answer Meetings

Robert Leslie, Orkney’s SNP candidate, will be holding a series of question and answer meetings to meet people in all parts of Orkney. Each meeting focusses on a particular area of Orkney but you can join any that interests you.

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Robert Leslie crowdfunder header
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Robert’s Crowdfunder is Live

Robert’s Crowdfunder has gone live this morning and will run till the end of the month.

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cat relaxing becuase its already voted
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Postal Vote

Postal vote is the best way to vote especially when it’s difficult to go out.

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Vote or the Bad Guy Wins

Make sure you register to vote so you have your say. It’s not hard. Select a Postal Vote to make the whole thing safe and easy at election time.

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Robert Leslie Head and shoulders
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Robert Leslie is Orkney’s SNP candidate for Holyrood

Robert Leslie has been selected as the SNP candidate for Orkney in next May’s Scottish Parliament elections.
Robert has bee a campaigner for independence since the 2014 Referendum.
He was born and brought in Orkney and currently works for Thaw and Orkney Housing Association.

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