Vote or the Bad Guy Wins

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“I’m not going to vote because…

  • “They’re all just as bad as each other.
  • “I’m not interested in politics.
  • “My party never wins.
  • “My party always wins so they don’t need my vote.”

Any of these sound familiar?  Here’s the problem, though.  Even if you don’t vote you affect the outcome, but, perhaps not in a way you‘d like.

The extremists and radicals will always vote so if you don’t vote you’re leaving the way clear for them to get whatever they want.   By their very definition that’s probably not what you want.

If you doubt this can happen just look at the position we’re in now.

All it takes for the bad guys to win is the good guys do nothing.

Register to Vote

The upcoming election in May next year is one of the most vital you’ll ever take part in.   It isn’t just about choosing the next government of Scotland, although that’s important.  It will show to the world whether we believe we have the right to choose our own government.

You have to register in order to vote in any election or referendum.  The register is updated regularly so if you’re eligible then you most likely are already registered.  In Orkney you should contact Orkney Islands Council Electoral Registration Officer to check if you’re already registered.

Postal Vote

Red Post Box with Edinburgh Castle behind
Photo by Tim Meyer on Unsplash

But polling day is not easy.  You’ve got to set aside time to go and vote, find out where your polling station is and get there.   After a day’s work getting up and going out to put a pencil tick in a box doesn’t seem so attractive.

Luckily there’s another way, Postal Vote.

Don’t be put off by the people who say it’s not secure and open to tampering. It’s not.   These are just lies put out by extremists who don’t want you to vote.  It has been reviewed, examined and checked by experts and there is no evidence that this happens.  Which is good because it’s really easy.

With a postal vote you are sent your ballot paper a couple of weeks or more before the election.  You may be asked to return it in straight away but this is not essential.  As long as it arrives by 10 pm on polling day it will be counted.  You can even hand your postal vote in at the polling station on election day if you want.

Registering for a postal vote is quite easy.   You just need to download a Postal Vote Application Form, fill it in and send it to the local Electoral Registration Office.  The address is 8 Broad Street, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1NX.

Mike RobertsonMike Robertson

Author: Mike Robertson

The Secretary, Treasurer and Organiser of Orkney SNP, and the webmaster for this site, Mike is a retired software engineer and company director. When not working towards an independent Scotland Mike enjoys photography, woodworking and cooking, but not all at the same time.

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